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Jazz Fake Books

We've purposely left only a few selections for Jazz Fake Books that we feel important, detailed and worth owning (useful).  For those that do not know what a "fake" book is, it is usually a big, multi page book with typical jazz tunes that players use to perform or rehearse with.  Most players take these books on the job with them until they start remembering and learning the tunes by memory.

They are all in treble clef unless told otherwise.  Why we offer them in treble, rather than bass clef?  First, most tunes were written for treble clef instruments and for the most part, bass players tend to use jazz fake books to read chord changes. Additionally, the idea behind most fake books is that "everyone" in the group will be able to share it and read from the same music.  Most bass players are used to this concept and can read treble clef when needed.

We also keep some extra books related to Jazz on this page and you might find them on some other pages (overlapping).  We just don't want you to miss anything that you are looking for.

Most Jazz Bass Method books include bass line walking.  Anything we carry that is related to jazz bass or walking bass lines are all found in the Jazz Bass Methods pages.

  Book Title & Description Price

'Standards' Real Book by Chuck Sher. 

If you don't yet own a fake book, this is the best one to get or start with.  It has something more than 560 pages and mostly 1 tune per page or 1 tune over two pages (no page turns!)  Includes most of the standards. (Tunes written in Treble Clef)


The New Real Book, Volume I, by Chuck Sher.

This book includes lots of tunes written by jazz musicians.  Chuck promotes it as "Jazz Classics, Choice Standards and Pop-Fushion Classics.  This book too, another good one to have for the serious Jazz bass player. (Tunes written in Treble Clef) 438 pages.


The Real Easy Book, Tunes for Beginning Improvisors (Sher Music)

If you are just starting to learn about Jazz and improvising.  This is a great book to start with.  This is a beginning jazz bass book.  Not only does it cover beginner bass walking, it also covers improvising on easy tunes, gives the scales and chords of some basic tunes to start off with.  No matter what age, if you are a beginner at playing over chord changes, or new to bass walking.  Start with this book.



Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine (Sher Music)

This is a serious Jazz theory book and really meant for any instrument.  If you are a jazz major in college, you should own this book! There is something for everyone in this one and nicely explains many traditional performing practices and styles, with written examples and directional 'How to's. 522 pages.  This not only a 'bass book', but we feel that for a serious jazz bassist, this an important reference book to have and go through.  Very detailed book.