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Upright Bass Strings

We now offer most all upright double bass strings: Pirastro, Thomastik, D'Addario, Lenzner, Corelli, Innovation and Velvets, La Bella, Fortune and recently added Eurosonic. It's really quite remarkable that with such a big selection and variety, each one of these manufacturers and brands offer something really quite unique and special. There is something for everyone here and then some...

Buying our upright bass strings in bulk allows us to offer the lowest prices in the world. Just click on the highlighted name of the string manufacturer and you will be brought to a more detailed list of strings and prices. You can order by the full set, by the string or mix and match. For some brands (like Thomastik), we require a private password. We are proud to offer the best brands of upright bass strings, at the lowest prices found anywhere. 

There are no gimmicks or tricks here! While some of our competitors still love to maximise their profits and tell their customers that anything that is less in price than their higher prices, 'must be', 'could be' maybe "grey market" is just a bunch of nonsense.  Here's the facts of why we are cheaper than everyone else:  We buy from the same exact distributors.  In some cases, like the bigger brands we buy DIRECT from the manufacturer which saves us tons of money.  This makes us super competitive: No, way cheaper!!  These savings we turn over to our customers and we will never change this selling philosophy EVER!  With us, players will save on average, $30-60 per set compared to everyone else.

If you need more help, or need more information regarding the huge selection of different strings we have available, please check out our own link here for choosing the right kind of bass strings.  We try (our best) to touch on the differing qualities, brands and types of strings by the type of playing (classical, jazz, bluegrass etc..) to better acquaint our customers.  Even our competitors use these comparison charts!

Choose your upright bass strings maker (highlighted) then choose your brand of strings:

Maker: Brands available:
Pirastro Strings Original Flexocor, Original Flat Chrome Steel, Flexocor, Flat Chrome Steel and Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Weich,  Passione, Olive (gut)
Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore, (both Orchestra, Weich and solo) Belcantos, Superflexibles, Dominants and Precision strings
D'Addario Strings Helicore, Orchestra Hybrid, Zyex (light and mediums)
Lenzner Gut Strings Supersolos
Corelli Strings Savarez Corelli 370M Tungsten (Also fractional sizes)
Innovation Bass Strings Superslap, Super Silver, Honey, Ultra Black, Rockabilly and Psycho Slap
Velvet Bass Strings Compass Blue, Anima and Garbo (including C extension E's) and Garbo Light Gauge
Jargar Strings Jargar medium orchestra bass strings
La Bella Strings La Bella Supernil, Deep Talkin' Black Tapewounds, Gut Strings #980, La Bella Pro, La Bella Elite Series and Virtuoso Series
Eurosonic Strings Eurosonic strings are made a steel core which is then braided with silk, comes in 3 gauges:  Medium, Light and Ultra Light 
Red Diamond Gut Strings Red Diamond Gut Bass strings, by Gamut, are hand made in Minnesota

Pirastro Bass Strings:

Pirastro is still the leader in offering the most variety of strings for the upright bass.  While they really tend to be more geared towards the classical upright bass player, their Evah Pirazzi bass strings are getting more and more respect from the jazz side, though the 'Evah's' are meant as a bowed string.  We sell almost all of what Pirastro has to offer for the upright bass.  Just click the Pirastro bass strings link here or at the chart in the lower part of this page.

Thomastik Upright Bass Strings:

The Thomastik brands are really more famous for their Sprirocore strings. These have a stiff core, and allow more sustain and punch for plucking on the bass.  If you are new to buying upright bass strings, then you might also want to take a look at our double bass strings page where we describe some more subtle differences in strings.

Helicore Bass Strings:

Helicore bass strings, made by the D'Addario company (USA) are a decent brand of bass string that are cheaper than the European brands.  We sell only their Helicore brand (Helicore orchestra and Hybrid). Recently, we added the new Zyex medium and light gauge strings.

Innovation Bass Strings:

We offer the Super Slaps and Super Silver.  These are both popular with Bluegrass and Rockabilly players.  They are a loose, low tension string meant more for right hand plucking than bowing.

Velvet Upright Bass Strings:

We like to offer the more popular Velvet strings: Compass Blue (or just called "Blues"), Anima and Garbo and now, Garbo Light gauge.  We also offer the low E's (used for C extension).

Jargar Bass Strings:

Jargar bass strings are well made and more towards classical type playing. While we are now offering them in the medium gauge, we'll soon have light and heavy gauge.

La Bella Bass Strings:

La Bella has a unique selection of upright bass strings.  The Supernils are popular with the Rockabilly crowd and some bluegrasss players.  The Black Tapewound strings were made famous by Jazz pro Ron Carter who uses them and also helped develop them with La Bella. La Bella is extremely picky about quality with their gut strings, but with very loyal customer base on them.  (La Bella says that because of their high quality standards, it is hard to get the really best supplies to make the best gut strings.  These sometimes are backordered, but we always say so in our selection (orders) page so that customers will not get stuck with a long waitlist.  The steel strings La Bella offers are an interesting array of well made, good prices with their Elite, Pro and Virtuoso series.

For-Tune, Charm Strings:

These are a new arco type bass string now manufactured in China and made with the highest quality standards as one would expect from other bigger named brands like Pirastro or Thomastik.  Similar to a Flexocor or Passione string response and sound.  Great prices on these!

Eurosonic Strings:

After repeated requests from players for us to offer Eurosonic bass strings, we now offer all three of their Eurosonic synthetic/steel combination strings:  They come in "Medium", "Light" and "Ultra Light" gauge.  These are meant more for those seeking low tension, slap style Rockabilly kind of bass playing.

Got a question about string choices?  Email us or call Steve at 800-600-2689.