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Upright Bass Books

This page is dedicated to upright bass books: Historical books, books on repair and maintenance etc..  If you are a serious bass player or student, most all of these books make excellent reference materials that you can keep and use for a whole lifetime.  These books are not cheap, but they are well worth the money.  Some (like the Elgar) are actually already out of print and they really quite special to keep.

There will be more bass related books added here in the near future.

  Book Title & Description Price
A History of the Double Bass by Paul Brun


A New History Of The Double Bass, by Paul Brun.

This wonderful book, now out of print until further notice.

Out of Print!
Setup and Repair by Chuck Traeger


The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Opitimum Sound
 by Chuck Traeger with David Brownell and William Merchant.

Another great reference book to have for any serious bass player. Even if you don't want to work on your own bass, it sheds a lot of light on the hows and whys of upright bass repairs.  He's 'Old School' and that's the best kind!  It's really a nice, refreshing manual for players, makers and repairers.  It really covers just about every kind of repair ever needed on the bass (even some really technical and obscure ones) and even lists and shows his typical work tools.  Before reading this book, I never heard of using broken glass to shave the wood off of the bottom of bridge feet!!  360 pages.

 He also has a new, extra edition to this book called Coda.  (See below)

Coda by Chuck Traeger RB-102

Coda, by Chuck Traeger.
This is Chuck's addition to his other bigger book (as shown above here).  Another fantastic book about set ups, repairs and changing the sound. Chuck: "Optimum sound doesn't mean maximum sound!"  I love it!!  This book is 63 pages. If you are a serious 'bass anything', get both books.  You will not be sorry.


Raymond Elgar's "Looking At The Double Bass" RB-103

Looking At The Double Bass by Raymond Elgar

This is another cool book to have and keep.  You will see a copy of these in just about every major bass shop. 

Elgar highlights the bigger more well known (and not so well known) makers of every school and country of bass making.  Italy, France, England, Germany etc... as well as descriptions of the basses, photos and measurements.  It's another great reference book to keep.  With so many photos of bass (black and white) you can see the similarities of basses and can also help identifying makers...or rule them out.

This was first printed in 1967, but was then re-printed by Mr.Stephen Fillo.  They are soon to be out of print again. We have the last remaining stock of these, then they are gone forever.

The Baroque Double Bass by Planyavsky RB-104

The Baroque Double Bass Violone by Alfred Planyavsky. 

Originally written in German and then translated by James Barket.  This is a "titan" book to have for the double bass.  As listed in Murray Groder's Comprehensive Catalog of Music Books, Recordings and Videos For The Double Bass, "it is the most complete volume on the double bass, it's history, traditions etc." Originally 537 pages long, this one, 216 pages, with 46 illustrations.  A very scholarly work worth having for any college student and/or teacher.