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Upright Double Bass

Welcome to upright double bass.  At the String Emporium, we specialize in the upright bass. For whatever style of bass playing you do, or whatever accessory you need, we have it here.  We have a hard earned reputation for the highest quality basses and the most affordable prices.  We promise that whatever level upright bass you need, our String Emporium upright basses will be of the highest quality bass found anywhere else.

We sell and offer many levels of upright basses

- Student, upright double basses (see the Thompson plywood upright) which are the lowest priced, most affordable basses.  While these level of basses compete favorably in the $1,700-2,500 price range, they are still only $1,250 and include our famous String Emporium set up, fittings and warranty.
- Intermediate, fully carved upright bass, by Emile Gillet.  These basses are fully hand carved and come with fine accessories.  German endpin, French imported bridges and the same, professional set up and warranty.  This is a great upright, double bass for anyone that wants a good, reliable carved bass of quality and still stay under $3,000.
- Our professional quality, Wan-Bernadel upright double basses which are still under $5,000 are now famous for for their incredible superiority over basses much higher in price!  They are fine copies of the French, Gand-Bernadels.  French style, recessed brass tuners, all hand made in the old, European tradition of bass making.  A 19th century bass, now being made in the 21st century.  Unprecedented quality and value.  Read our Wan-Testimonials page.
- Antique, old upright basses of all sorts.  All of the upright double basses that we offer at the String Emporium are of a very high caliber, fully restored, authentic basses.  We call this section on our website the Bass Cafe, upright basses for sale.

We pride ourselves on offering the very best quality with utmost dedication and professionalism.