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Upright Bass Covers and Flight Cases

Have you seen the new Tuff-Lite upright bass flight cases yet? They are the best cases and still the most affordable case in the world! Built for many years of use and abuse. At the moment, we offer two models: the Standard or the PRO. The Standard is hand laid fiberglass and the average weight on these are 65 lbs. The new PRO ( avg. 52 lbs) is made using pre-pregged fiber. This technology usually employs vacuum bagging and epoxies that make the cases much lighter while keeping the strength. We sell both the Standard and the PRO to individuals as well as whole sections of orchestras. The Standards are $1,950 and the PRO's $3,250. (shipping is extra.) Both cases offer great traveling protection. Upright basses can be shipped with or without the soft cover.

Tuff-Lite Pro Bass Case Tuff-Lite Pro Bass Case Tuff-Lite Pro Bass Case Tuff-Lite Pro Bass Case

Tuff-Bag Premium Deluxe Bass Cover Upright Double Bass Covers

Introducing the new, Tuff-Bag Premium Deluxe upright bass cover.  Thick 1" padding that stays dense and will not flatten out over time, giving many years of quality protection and service.  First class workmanship, and extremely durable (3 year warranty on these!)

For more detailed information and photos, see the Tuff-Bag Premium covers page page.  Sales price: $445 plus shipping. 

Tuff-Bag in Blue or Black!

Click for larger image.

The Tuff-Bags now in Black and in Blue color.

These are the best covers in the world!


 Bobelock Bass Cover    Bobelock is a great cover and for the money, you can't go wrong with the materials and quality. It has super heavy duty handles and zippers that you just can't find on any other cover for this price. Bobelock sizes run just a tad bit smaller than Mooradian. Price, $270 plus shipping.

While we are showing the burgundy here, we currently only offer these in solid black color.


Bobelock Covers 3/4 $270
Bobelock Bass Covers


Bobelock French Single Bow Case   Bobelock bow cases. We only sell what we (as bass players here like to use!)  Bobelock makes the best, most useful and durable bass bow cases to have and use. 

Shown here (to the left) is the Bobelock Single French Bow case.  It is a wooden case, covered in Cordura. While it comes with a shoulder strap, the rosin pocket is big and long enough to fit a pencil and some of the smaller rosin canisters (like Nymans or Kolsteins).

The are all very nicely lined with a plush velour.  While they come in blue, green and burgundy color interiors, we offer colors as preference only.  When we stock these, not all colors are available.  (If you buy one, you can email us your color preference and we will try very hard to ship that one, but it is not guaranteed.)
Bobelock French Single Bow Case   Bobelock French bow case $77.00

Bobelock German Single Bow Case   Bobelock German Bow case, $85.00

Bobelock French Double Bow Case   Bobelock French double bow case $87.50

Bobelock German Double Bow Case   Bobelock German double bow case $90.00