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Passione upright bass strings

The new Passione upright bass strings are a nice surprise from Pirastro.  Because they are new and because (I am a certifiable 'bass-head'), I was personally very anxious to also try these out and put them on my bass!

For me, my feeling was that it is my duty to do so!!  (Also, if I didn't like them, I could always put them on another bass in the shop.)  Well, I am happy to say, that the Pirastro Passione strings are staying on my bass.  With my regular orchestra bass I tended to favor the following set up: Permanent E and A, using the Original Flexocor G and D strings.  I was never happy with my bass using the Permanent G or D, but I should mention that it was really my bass that decided on that one.  So, in other words, you factor in what your bass does or tends to play, with what you (the player) like and need from the strings and the type of music (genre) you play.

Some thoughts: 
I was happy when I took off my regular Original Flexocor G string and put on the Passione G.  Right away, I could see that my new Passione G buzzed and rattled against my fingerboard. Nothing wrong with my fingerboard, just that this string really "spoke" so much easier. I didn't have to work as hard. (My old Flexocor is only 3 or 4 months old too. So not so old that I was noticing a new string versus the old, worn out one.  I could tell just from touching and handling the Passione 'G' that it must be a thinner gauge or noticeable enough for one to tell just from pinching and comparing the two.  That would account for why the bow would make the Passione 'speak' so much easier.  (That day, Mozart Symphony #40 was on our stands) and I definitely loved using it.  I have always loved the Original Flexocors.  Just the name "Flexocore" gives away the reasoning: Strings that are softer or more flexible in the core, tend to be a bowing string.  I always kind of hoped that I could get a slightly lighter gauge, (not too much) just enough.....but keep that warmth and power that I got from the old Original Flex's.  The Passiones to me, really feel and sound like a nice Flexocor (or dark sounding Belcanto), but with more snap to it. With my bass, I don't (yet) see any loss of power.  Always, going to a lighter gauge string, the 'tradeoff' one makes with the easier sounding, lighter strings, tend to lose a little power.  The Passiones have only a slight, very marginal difference in the gauge. Again, depends on the bass, depends on the "driver" on what he likes and how he likes to "drive".  I am keeping my Passiones!

Lastly, don't forget you'll get the best prices on your strings and the best service. The Passiones can be purchased on our Pirastro upright bass strings page.