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String Emporium Gift Certificates

Welcome to the new, String Emporium Gift Certificates page.   We always appreciate when a customer's loved one will call us and ask for advice or help with their gift purchase. Sometimes they kind of know what it is that they specifically need or they have a rough idea.  Often they know that we're the best and feel confident in buying a gift certificate for the musician to decide on later.  Whatever the case may be,  it's an honor to be a part of that special occasion.

Would you like to get that 'special someone' a bass related gift, but don't know what to get or exactly what he/she needs or would want?  We've found that the gift certificates (while not as impressive as a hand wrapped bass!!) still delivers quite the impressive "wow" punch in a gift!  The most beautiful and most memorable gifts are musical instruments, a bow or accessory that a player may need or dream of.  As musicians, some of our most cherished memories is the musical instrument that  we keep and play for years and years, and remembered as that special gift that someone thought to give us.

We sell our gift certificates in specially printed denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1,000 or $5,000.  The example shown here on this page, is one for $50.  The only thing that changes or looks different here is the value on each certificate and or course the one we show here has the word 'Example' printed across it. Anyone can choose to buy them in combinations.  For example, say you wanted to buy a Finale® bass bow.  The bow, case and rosin would sell for $340, plus shipping $20 (USA), for a total of $360. You could buy a gift certificate for $300, one for $50 and one for $10.  If you buy more than you need, the person that receives or uses the gift certificate can use it as a credit towards a larger purchase or can keep a credit here (as money left over) from the purchase was less than the certificate's total.  Each certificate comes with a reference and file number that we confidentially keep on file here. It can than be used to add to or credit to any future order.

Hey, how does one use these?  After you purchase one or more certificates, they will be delivered by mail.  They are also attractive and 'present' nicely. The one below shows the design of the certificate. They are professionally printed on thick, quality print paper and fit into legal size envelopes.  Anyone wishing to use the certificate,  can call our 800-600-2689 number.  For gift certificates, while you can browse all you want on-line here, we redeem these by phone only.  We've found that this is the safest and easiest way for everyone. Plus, we don't mind the extra personal phone time required to help.

To buy a String Emporium Gift Certificate, simply click on any one of these values or combinations and you will be taken to the shopping cart for payment instructions.  Our String Emporium Gift Certificates can be used for anything that SE sells or carries and can even include shipping expenses.  We always love to be part of the gift surprise too.  Call us! We're here to help, give information and assist you in the right kinds of choices.

For addtional information about our String Emporium Gift Certificates you can call us or email us at info@stringemporium.com

  String Emporium Gift Certificates Value
GC-10 String Emporium gift certificate for $10
GC-20 String Emporium gift certificate for $20
GC-50 String Emporium gift certificate for $50
GC-100 String Emporium gift certificate for $100
GC-200 String Emporium gift certificate for $200
GC-300 String Emporium gift certificate for $300
GC-500 String Emporium gift certificate for $500
GC-1000 String Emporium gift certificate for $1,000
GC-5000 String Emporium gift certificate for $5,000