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Obligato Bass Strings

Before the Evah Pirazzis came out, Pirastro's Obligato bass strings were the 'hybrid' bass string of choice.  For years, string companies tried to find a string that upright bass players could be happy with for bowing as well as a plucked string.  Or, a synthetic bass string that sounded exactly like a gut, but without all the hassles of using gut or the higher prices of gut strings.

Obligato bass stringsThe Obligatos are slightly different than the Evahs in that they have a stiffer feel. They too have a synthetic string core and while this gives the bass string a warmer tone with the bow, (even more so than a Flexocor), the core also lends itself to being a good jazz or plucking string because after the initial "pop" of the string, there is a longer sustain.  (Jazz players usually like this much more.)

Obligato bass strings versus Evah Pirazzi

If you are new to the upright bass strings market, the Evah Pirazzi bass strings and Obligatos are almost identical, but the Evahs are even more flexible.  For bowing, the Evahs "turn" a little with the beginning of each bow direction, but the Obligatos are more rigid.  It really boils down to what sound and response the individual bass player needs from his/her strings and what suits that particular, individual bass. See our Evah Pirazzi bass strings page for additional information.

Lots of Jazz players are starting to ask for the Evah Pirazzi bass strings, while the Obligatos may suit the classical player more for their rigidity with the bow.  Having said this (about Jazz strings) the Evah Pirazzi strings were really developed for classical bass!

Evah Pirazzi bass strings: softer, more sustain after the initial "pop" (plucking) and even warmer sound with the bow.

Obligato Bass strings: more rigid core, slightly less sustain after the "pop" for plucking, but with the bow, still have a warm sound. Obligatos have a very slight advantage with the bow response (and not as much turn or twist) of the string as with the Evahs.

We have the lowest priced bass strings in the world. See our upright bass strings page for prices and for listing off the bass strings that we offer.