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About Us

We specialize in the upright bass and the overwhelming majority of our sales, are shipped to our customers across the country and beyond.  While it is not unusual to have customers fly or drive in which we are most accomodating, but our reputation for shipping basses out to our customers is unparrelled for our excellence in quality and customer service.  It is not surprising to us in the least when someone that actually lives down the street from other competitor bass or violin shops, order their bass from us! 

Our top customers are more of the professional level in that they know and appreciate what we can offer here in comparison to other bass specialists.

All of our basses that leave here have a high, professional level of set up. Everything is top notch!  We never hurry instruments through the process and every bass here is most always set up per the player's needs.  We mostly do not offer 'point and click' bass sales here as that is too impersonal for such a personal item.

Even though I like to take a more humorous approach to my company and selling double basses, I take this issue very seriously. Musicians develop a lifetime relationship to their instrument. Professional players rely on their instrument as a tool to perform and provide for their livelihood. Serious amateurs, whom simply love music and playing, also desire and deserve to own a great instrument.

Because I am a professional bass player myself, I know how even the smallest differences can make such a huge impact on the way we play, sound and perform. Especially because of the great size of this instrument, it is so very important to find a bass that has that 'special' sound, but also has the right proportions that after many hours of use, will not adversely effect physical well being. Every bass that leaves our shop here is always checked and re-checked for the highest playable level.

About the owner. Besides owing and operating the String Emporium, I currently serve as Assistant Principal Double bass with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.  Crazy busy yes!  I will either have a bass in my hands or be talking to someone on the phone...about the bass!

I have been a member of the PSO now for the past 25 years and before coming to Phoenix, I was also Principal double bass with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for 4 years. In addition to my orchestral experience, I have free-lanced as a Jazz musician for the past 30 years! I consider myself lucky in that I am in love with any music that calls for an upright bass! Because of my experience (and that I consider myself a bass player first) I only sell the upright basses that I would enjoy to play myself. Here, I am pictured with my beloved Vincenzo Corain bass which was made in Trieste, Italy, 1848.

At the String Emporium

  • We offer the utmost in professionalism, quality of service and dedication.
  • We pride ourselves by treating each and every customer with the utmost respect and sincerest commitment. We often have people call throughout the day to get more information about basses or anything bass related.  Feel free to call us for any additional help you may need.
  • All of our instruments are at the highest quality, while our central theme still, is keeping the prices the most affordable and the most competitive.
  • When comparing ‘apples to apples’ no one beats our service or prices!

Please feel free to call or email us at anytime. We are eager to find the right instrument or accessory you need.

Steve Koscica