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Evah Pirazzi upright bass stringsEvah Pirazzi Bass

Pirazzi upright bass strings are the new "hybrid" bass strings!  That is, they are attractive to both the jazz and classical player because work both really well for bowing and plucking.  These strings are made with a new synthetic core and hey are probably the 'darkest' sounding bass strings on the market.  This is probably the only string that was designed as an arco string, that sustains so well for jazz playing. 

Upright basses seem to respond well to the 'Evahs' because they do not require a super tight tension to play.  That does not mean exclusively that they are lighter (less tension) on the bass.  Pound per pound they are about the same, but they just 'feel' easier and lighter to play.

Some other suggested 'combined' jazz set ups:

 Evah Pirazzi G and D, with Thomstik Spirocore E and A (keep the growl of the lower end of the bass, with very similar sustain on the upper two strings.  This is a very popular set with our customers.  First, you can get the nice growl and power of the famous Spirocore EA and then for those that think there is too much edge on the Spirocores, or just don't have the time to wait for the Spirocore D and G strings to 'settle' in.  The Evahs combine very nicely on the bass.  One won't notice a tremendous fall-off or difference.  With this set, you have a nice mellow D and G and very warm bowing tone for those that play both Jazz and Classical.  This is also a nice option for those that are working on and/or studying both genres of music.  See our nice prices below.

Different gauges:  On the combined set below (Spirocore/Evah Pirazzi set), we suggest that unless you know specifically what you or your bass needs, it's usually best to keep the tension the same.  Having said this, we counter by saying you add in a medium E for a tad bit more power and it usually doesn't offset the bass tension spread.  Also, some like to select a medium E,A,D and then add on the weich G if their G feels too hard or strident.

 Free shipping for domestic shipments within USA.  If you need to individual strings or ship internationally, please visit our Pirastro bass strings page.

On this page, Free Domestic Shipping.

  Evah Pirazzi Bass Strings Price
EV-1 Evah Pirazzi, full set (EADG)
Gauge Selection:

CB-1 Combined Spirocore/Evah set with special price:

Spirocore E & A with Evah Pirazzi D and G set.  Please be sure to select each one of your string tensions.  In general, most keep the tension the same.  Either all medium or all weich (light). Read more (above) here about 'different gauges'.
G String:
D String:
A string:
E String: