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Jazz Bass Books (and some CD's & DVD's)

It's our goal here at the String Emporium (SE) to offer more inspirational, educational and useful Jazz bass books. These books have made our 'favored' selection here. While we are constantly building and adding books here, with so much out there, we want to offer the books that we personally enjoy, use and can recommend. If you are a student (at any level), be sure to ask your teacher to order some of these books for your school library. Also, some of these photos link to separate, more detailed information.

With so many books to choose from, which one(s) should you order?  There seem to be 4 kinds of jazz method books: All encompassing ones that include the basics of holding a bass, posture, scales, walking bass lines, soloing and more...

Bass walking lines books that are strictly geared towards walking lines.

Bass soloing books that are geared towards soloing on the bass.

The fourth category is the straight transcriptions books of either walking bass lines or solos.  There is usually no explanation or studies included, but just transcriptions.  These are useful for additional study with some other book or study method being used.

While we try to fully describe the general points or areas covered in these books, we also try to show when any specific area that is targeted to or limited.

  Book/DVD Description Price
Rufus Reid's Evolving Bassist JB-100

Rufus Reid's "The Evolving Bassist" is a classic, must have book for any kind of player interested in Jazz playing. He touches on just about everything important to a jazz bass player. It includes exercises, his etudes, walking bass lines and tons of photos on technique. If you can, get his book and DVD! Read more about the Rufus Reid book and DVD here.

An all encompassing book!

Rufus Reid's Evolving Bassist Book JB-101

Rufus Reid's The Evolving Bassist DVD is one of the most educational bass DVD's on the planet! If you are an aspiring jazz bass player, at any level, get this DVD and I promise, you will be a better player by the end of the DVD!! This DVD works perfectly in tandem with the book. Even if you are primarily a classical bassist, you will enjoy the book because bass playing (and music) is universally the same! Whatever Rufus talks about, can almost always be immediately used in your respective discipline area. (While written for the jazz player in mind, it made me a better orchestra player). He talks about arm weight and it is truly eye opening. (Get the movie, then you will know all about his"turning the key!") Read more about the Rufus Reid book and DVD here.


Quantity :
Rufus Reid's Evolving Bassist Packaged Discount JB-102
Rufus Reid package

We feel so strongly about the Rufus Reid book and the DVD, we offer a specially discounted packaged deal. They work great in tandem. This combination set will a full schedule of wood shedding for months to come!

Get both together for $52.00 and save!


Rufus Reid's Bass Lines Transcriptions


Rufus Reid Bass Lines book.  This book is a Jamey Aebersold publication that contains Rufus' bass lines from the Aebersold "Play Jazz" Volumes I and III that Rufus recorded on.

(A bass lines transcriptions book.)

You can follow along and then play his lines with the same exact recording from which they were transcribed.  The CD must be purchased separately.  Again, here is the book only.



Quantity :
Jamey Aebersold Volume I JB-104

Jamey Aebersold CD's for above book.  This is Volume I.  There are two CD's in this volume: Has blues progressions, Scales/chords, II/V7s, Melodic Development, Time and Feel, Bebop Scales, Patterns and licks etc...




Quantity :
Jamey Aebersold Volume III JB-105

Jamey Aerbersold CD, II-V7-I Progressions. Volume III.  This is the other CD recording for Rufus Reid Bass Line transcriptions book (see JB-103).  As the name implies, it is recordings of II-V7-I progressions.  You can walk bass lines over it (play Rufus' same lines over it and practice your soloing over the recording. 



Quantity :

Bass Lines Book + Volume I and Volume III


Buy JB-103, 104 and 105 for packaged discount. Here you can get the Rufus Reid bass line transcription book and the two CD's that accompany the book for combined price of $49.85



Quantity :
John Goldsby's Jazz Bass Book JB-107

The Jazz Bass Book: Technique and Tradition by John Goldsby. Another great book (with lots of hard work and research in this one!) is like a history, timetable of the great jazz bassists through out time, but with a very organized and disciplined approach. Also includes a nice CD recording. Read more about John Goldsby and Jazz Bass book.


Quantity :

Jazz Bowing Techniques For The Improvising Bassist by John Goldsby.  As the name would imply, a book for Jazz bowing.  It also comes with a play along CD.  It's a good learning aid and the CD is helpful.  Includes traditional transcribed bowed solos by famous players like Paul Chambers, Slam Stewart, Jimmy Blanton etc..  John also gives a nice historical background of the players and jazz bowing.




Quantity :

Bass Notes by John Goldsby.  This is another good book for learning bass walking lines.  It comes with a play along CD and is a slightly more advanced book.  (Not really a beginner's kind of walking book.)  He writes about transcribing your own bass lines and how it will make you a better bass player as well of lots of Mr. Goldsby's personal approaches to constructing bass lines.

(a walking bass lines book)




Quantity :
Patitucci's 60 Melodic Etudes JB-110

60 Melodic Etudes by John Patittuci. John wrote out 60 melodic styled etudes that include all the chromatic keys and modes and purposely written all over the fingerboard with his fingerings.
Ray Brown's Bass Method Book JB-111

Ray Brown's Bass Method, by Ray Brown. This too, is a classic and was one of the very first jazz bass books written. Ray wrote out a lot of diatonic scale patterns and intervals exercises.

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