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Upright Bass Rosin

There are many kinds of rosins now available for the upright double bass. Pop's remains the most popular brand of choice for a lot of players, both classical and jazz. Some think it too sticky and prefer the Nymans or Carlsson. It's quite common to have 2 or 3 different brands rather than just one. Oddly enough, at some point (of the year), one particular rosin might not be working well for whatever reason, while another brand, (same age) will work just fine. For me, Pop's seems to do ok all year round. Sometimes when the super cold and very dry weather comes, I'll use a little Kolstein Ultra 'Soft'. In most cases, one wouldn't use 'Soft' in the summer!  Our newest addition to our bass rosin page, is the Wiedoeft.  For more information about this new rosin, please again refer to our in-depth upright bass rosin page.

Many don't realize that the cheapest and easiest way to maintain a good sound is to keep fresh rosin. Old rosin, gets 'powdery' and tends to sound scratchy after a while. What happens is that the natural properties (resins, wax and other related natural additives) start to break down and change. If you are serious about your arco playing and sound, don't be cheap about replacing your rosin once a year. There is some folklore and anecdotes about heating Pops in the microwave oven or melting down various rosins together on the stove! Rosin is cheap, keep fresh rosin!

Fresh rosin: The turnover rate here is pretty crazy. With all the bows that we sell (and rosin) we treat bass rosin here like it's the vegetable section! Fresh makes a difference.

If you are still a little unsure about which kind or brand of bass rosin you need, there is a page that we detail and compare the different brands.  Read the upright bass rosin page.

Sorry about some of the recent price increases as of late.  Even musical instrument accessories (Pop's Rosin) is having problems.  We've had to scour the country for what we have even now.  Once things start moving along as they did (before pandemic), our prices will also surely go back down.

Another new bass rosin soon to come out as well!  We just got word that the famous "Chicago Bass Rosin" is coming back on the market after many years.  This rosin was made by well known Chicago bass luthier, Scott Henrie.  The rosin was really famous in the mid 80's to early 90's, and then just disappeared wtihout warning.  I remember it fondly as a very close comparison (almost identical) to a really fresh Pop's rosin.  So this will be really great when it finally arrives here.  So far, we're hearing sometime in June. More to come on this one....

R-100 Pop's Bass Rosin Pop's Rosin

Fresh stock!


R-101 Nymans Bass Rosin Nyman Bass Rosin


R-102 Carlsson  Bass Rosin Carlsson Bass Rosin


R-103 Kolstein's Ultra Bass Rosin (Soft) Kolstein's 'Ultra' Bass Rosin (Soft)


R-104 Kolstein's Ultra Bass Rosin (All Weather) Kolstein's 'Ultra' Bass Rosin (All Weather)


R-105 Wiedoeft Bass Rosin Wiedoeft Bass Rosin

More info about this new bass rosin and all others on this page.


R-106 Leatherwood Bass Rosin Leatherwood 'Bespoke' Bass Rosin

We have a dedicated page here about this rosin.


Each order here includes 2 cakes.

1st Rosin Hardness Selection :
2nd Rosin Hardness Selection
Back in stock!!