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More Upright Bass

This page is really part of the Bass Cafe. We needed more 'room' so we added this Bass Bistro. It's all the same menu: Great, old upright basses for sale, Czech, German, French, English, Italian and Chinese upright basses, with lots of history. Please feel free to call or email us with more specific questions or requests and also let us know what you are looking for. We keep lists of those looking for very specific upright double basses and many that do come in, never even make it on our page before they are gone! Don't forget, because we ship so often, we are happy to be able to ship at affordable rates to almost anywhere in the world. In the States, it is usually no more than $130 each way. It's also cheap to fly RT to Phoenix from just about everywhere in the US. We also make special accommodations for our out of town guests. If you really want a great old, upright double bass, then come out to see us. The little extra money that you pay in flying out, will easily be made up in the thousands ($) that you can save here compared to many basses around the country. Last but not least...both professional and serious amateurs are buying the Wan Bernadel upright double basses. There is a separate link and page for these basses. They are made in the same old style tradition of these older basses and sound like basses which cost 3 times the price!

Lots of recent price drops to make more room in our facility.  All basses are now at much lower 'sale' prices.

'Paul N. Bryant, English upright double bass, Kidderminster, No. 74, 2008' & No. 89, 2009

Paul Bryant English Double Bass Paul Bryant English Double Bass Paul Bryant English Double Bass Back Paul Bryant English Double Bass back Paul Bryant English Double Bass Scroll
Paul Bryant English Double Bass Side Paul Bryant English Double Bass side Paul Bryant English Double Bass f-holes

We have two very lovely basses by the contemporary English maker, Paul Bryant.  Both are of his Gofriller models that "work" incredibly well.  One bass is numbered #74, 2008 and the other later one, #89 of 2009.  We purposely ordered and imported these basses from him.  The Gofriller, by far is his best model.  They sound very dark, deep, are very responsive and quite easy to play on.  They don't sound like a 'new' bass. Over the years we've sold a good number of his basses and for the most part they have all gone on to good symphony orchestras and really good players.  These basses which range in the $13,000 range, compare to other contemporary basses in the $18,000-20,000.  Both basses are pretty identical in appearance, so we show only one in detail here.  Both are made with nicely carved poplar backs and sides and we love the traditional English style Baker tuners. The top of the back has a nice break that slopes elegantly into the neck, making this a very manageable bass to play on in upper registers.  (One can see this more in the photo showing the side of the bass.  Measurements:  Upper bouts 20 1/2", lower bouts 27", back 44" and the string length a nice, 41 1/2".  At the moment we have a nice selection of bigger, professional orchestra type basses in. Be sure to click on any photo shown here for a larger, more detailed image.  Only one bass left now, $13,500!

While these two Bryants have now been sold, we have a terrific (better!) Gofriller model.  This size bass is not for anyone less than 5-9" in height, but taller and someone that wants a big, full sounding bass.  Please visit the new Romanian Gofriller bass we have in.  These are made better than the Bryants and sound and play better as well, for $7,500.  These $7,500 basses actually compare quite favorably to the mid ranged professional basses one sees in the mid $20,000's.

German upright bass

German upright bass German upright bass side german upright bass back German upright bass scroll

This is a very nice, flat-backed, German upright bass, possibly by Mǖller (circa 1920). It has a nice slender taper to the shoulders. With the upper bouts 19 1/2", the lower bouts, 25 3/4", the back is 42" and the string length is only 40 7/8. It's a 3/4 size bass, but has a smaller string length that is very easy to play all the way around. It's a nice, clean bass which has recently undergone a complete restoration. $7,000, now $5,900.   Need our email address?

Robert Tichy, Prague 2000

This bass is a copy of a nice, Czech model and rightly so as the maker is Czech!  The bass was made in Prague in the year 2000 and it is in excellent condition.  Robert made the bass in the truest tradition using the old fashioned ebony peg tuners, flat back, gamba style tradition.  Even the neck goes into the bass in the same (traditional) dove tail style.  Sometimes it is hard to photograph basses in that flash can cause certain varnish hues to "pop" more than it would normally.  This bass has a lovely dark, chestnut varnish, though with the super bright light causes the oranges to come more than normal.  A well made bass too. This is a privately made bass by bass maker/repairman Robert Tichy that follows the strictest traditions of Czech bass making.  Here, you get a new, "old" bass.  All hand made and carved by the makers hands.  This bass makes a great solo or jazz bass (as most Czech basses do), and aside from a little rippling in the ribs which is normal, the bass is like new.   At the moment, we have Pirastro Passione strings as the previous owner used it for a solo bass, but this bass would be great with a set of medium Thomastik Spirocores and will make a great jazz bass as well.  The price is marked down to sell.  Was $6,000, now $4,000.

Zyka, Bohemian bass, c. 1900

Austrian upright bass Austrian upright bass carved back Austrian upright bass side Austrian upright bass scroll

This double bass is by an unknown maker, probably Bohemian (Czech) or Austrian, circa 1890. (It has a 1975 repair label dating "Zyka, 1975", It has a round carved back and lovely dark, reddish-brown varnish. The edges are flush on this bass which would keep with this tradition from basses in Austria as well. It is in great condition. Length of back 43", upper bouts are 19 1/2", lower bouts 25" and the string length 41 7/8". This bass plays evenly throughout all registers with it sloped shoulders, quite easy to get around on. $8,000. $6,500

Come out for a visit. Airfare to Phoenix from just about every city in the USA is cheap.

Big Upright Bass For Sale, (C.1800)

Ferdinando Alberti Bass Ferdinando Alberti Bass Back Ferdinando Alberti Bass Side Ferdinando Alberti Bass Scroll Ferdinando Alberti Bass f-hole
Ferdinando Alberti Bass Motif Ferdinando Alberti Bass (Stuber) repair label Ferdinando Alberti Bass Label

We get calls from time to time from folks that want 'that' BIG bass.  While I always try to dispel the folklore that big the biggest basses commensurate  the biggest sound....this actually is the biggest bass and is the deepest, biggest  sounding bass we're ever gotten here at the String Emporium.  It is BIG though.  Here's the measurements to prove it:  The upper bouts are 22" apart, the lower bouts, 30", the back measurements from the bottom edge (middle seam) up to where the neck heel joins the bass, is 47" and the string length, 44 7/8.  This bass was actually used professionally for a very long time in the San Francisco Symphony and we attained the bass from that (now retired) player.  He used it exclusively as a 5 string bass (with low B).  We're not sure which direction to go with it yet: to keep it a 5 or go to the 4 string.  It can definitely use a new bridge, strings and set up, but other than that, the bass seems fine. More interesting features:  The bass has two labels inside it: One is a repairer's label by Johann Stuber (who was Dutch) and we've had lots of great, old basses with his repair labels in them.  He must have been very busy in Holland in the 1950's.  (The former owner bought this bass in person, while he was touring Europe in the late 50's.) The other label is my a maker, Fernando Alberti You can tell that both of these labels have been in this bass for a long, long time and we actually had to use a long, dry paint brush to sweep all the dust off of them for the photos.  The Alberti label looks older too.  All that we know about Ferdinando is that he worked in Milan between 1735-1760.

The bass has tons of mysteriousness to it.  One rarely sees this much on or in a bass!  The tuners.  They're ancient, but with big gears (look original to the bass.)  Also, someone decided to add some kind kind of inlay in the top two corners of the upper front bouts.  See the photo with the motif on it.  This came after the bass was originally varnished because the wood is "desturbed" around it.  Also, later (the former) owner had a beautiful thick rosewood fingerboard made for this bass.  (Again, maybe we keep this on, maybe we replace it as most serious upright players prefer Ebony.  Though this is one very special piece of wood and we ca see leaving it on just as easily.

Many of the word's classiest, biggest instruments were often cut down generations after the bass was originally made.  Lots of beautiful Italian basses with sloping shoulders (never had sloping shoulders until someone re-cut and re-styled the bass.)  A lot of these basses were just too ridiculously big to play on.  Most of the time, a bass can completely be re-cut, re-modeled (especially this one with it's beautiful flat (healthy) back.  A big carved back bass is actually hard to re-cut because when one wants to shorten the length, the swelled part, will then be in the wrong part of the bass.  With a flat back, there is no problem at all.  There are elements that point to a very old German idea here (with the shape of the top) but it also has some very mysterious Italian traits as well.  You can click each photo here for the larger image.  This is bass is sold, but if you are looking for another big bass, see our Bass Cafe page:  We have a big Mittenwald and a big Neuner & Hornsteiner bass for sale.

Hungarian upright bass

Hungarian upgright double  bass Hungarian upgright double  bass Hungarian upgright double  bass Hungarian upgright double  bass

A Hungarian upright bass by an unkown maker. Inside the label reads: 'George Luigi Panormo, anno Budapest'.  The bass is at east 20 years old. It is a smaller 3/4 size bass, with good Rubner, plated tuners and a nicely carved back.  The upper bouts measure 19 3/4", the lower bouts 25 1/2", the back is 43 1/2" and the string length 41".   A great Jazz bass, with lots of sustain and growl (has medium Spirocores on it now.)    SOLD

Emanuel Wilfer upright double bass

Wilfer upright double bass Wilder upright double bass side view Wilfer upright double bass back Wilfer upright double bass scroll

Emanuel Wilfer, upright double bass 2006 (Gentlemen's Jazz) model. This is just a great bass and while the model name "Gentlemen's Jazz" makes it sound like it's geared for jazz playing, I am sure that is only a marketing idea (for lack of better terminology!)  It has a nice big sound (7/8 bass), round carved back and it has a matted type varnish.  Works great in any symphony orchestra!  The tuners are the common side plate type, (engraved Rubners) and the bass in mint condition and is very competitively priced.  The upper bouts are 2- 1/2" , the lower bouts are   26 1/2" , the length of the back is 45" with the string length, 42 1/4".  Very attractive price (email us for that please).  This one now SOLD,  but we have other Wilfer basses to see at our Bass Cafe page, under Wilfer upright basses.  (Middle of page).  We sell Wilfer's nice, Conservatory model for only $7,000 now on sale. 

Kay, M-1 double bass

Kay upright double bass Kay upright double bass side Kay upright double bass back Kay upright double bass scroll

M-1 Kay upright bass. (American, circa 1950-60, serial number inside reads #37,439)  This double bass is by far the most beautiful Kay we have ever seen!  It is in really exceptional condition.  There are no scratches, no worn edges.   There is something very special about Kay basses, but when you get one in that was so well preserved, it stops you in your tracks.  (Boy, if I had a time machine...big enough to fit me and one bass!)  Upper bouts 19 3/4", lower bouts 26", length of back, 44" and the string length is 41 1/2". SOLD ($3,000)  Often we get good Kays in, so check with us.  We now also offer, fine blonde upright basses (with good ebony fingerboards) for under $1,500.  See our Thompson upright bass page.

Are you looking for a new case to ship your bass in? We sell the new  Tuff-Lite bass cases. We predict that soon these will be the predominate bass flight case in the world. (They are incredibly nice cases.)

The Mystery Upright bass

We call this the 'Mystery upright bass' because it was made by two different makers. For one, the top and sides are extremely old (circa 1850). Lovely arched and made by someone's incredibly gifted hands. Then, the neck and the back are definitely newer but still made at a very high level. Maybe in the last 10-20 years or so. Overall the bass is in excellent condition and a newly French polish throughout that makes it almost impossible to take pictures! It is a very lovely bass though and has a great sound: Even with the brighter Spirocore strings, it has a very focused cushion of sound! It appears to be a Viennese or Bohemian style. $6,500 Click upright bass to go back to the Bass Cafe.  Also, learn how to ship a bass to you just to try. SOLD

Schoenbach upright bass

Schoenbach upright bass Schoenbach upright bass side Schoenbach upright bass back Schoenbach upright bass scroll

This is another Schoenbach upright bass, 1910 (i.e. Czech/German). It has lots of nice character to it's make and tone: One can trace the purfled cello outline on the back as well as the front, even though it's still gamba shaped (that is, no violin corners.)  The measurements are upper bouts 20 1/2", lower bouts 25 1/2", length of back 43 3/4", and the string length is 40 7/8". $7,000 now reduced to $6,000

Shen plywood, SB80

This is the Shen SB80 plywood bass. It is well made sturdy bass.  This we sell them for an affordable $1,350. If you are looking for a good, cheap plywood bass, then please check our Basses Under $3k page.  SOLD 

We do usually stock and offer the Shen SB-200, flat-back willow basses (all hand carved and solid woods used) and a super nice prices. Please call or email us to enquire about stock and sales price.

When comparing prices, make sure you compare 'apples to apples' whenever possible. You'll find that our prices (by far) are the very best in the country. Some differ by as much as 40% or less on a bass.

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