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Velvet upright bass strings

Velvet bass strings are no longer in production.  With many dedicated players loving their strings, we are only able to sell what we have left in our inventory.  We still have lots of C string extension E strings still, at special closeout prices. Buy them while you can!

Also, we still have the Velvet special synthetic tailguts which can be found on our upright bass accessories page

Velvet strings were mainly geared towards non-classical, pizzicato (plucking) kinds of playing, like Jazz, Bluegrass and other similar music style genres.   Players that liked that "gut" kind of "organic"sound that Velvets had, should also like some other brands with similar tone and playability.  Below, these Velvet C extension strings selection, we put together some good combination sets that should satisfy some of the staunchest Velvet fans!

Velvet C Extension Strings Price
V-100 Velvet Garbo long E string (for C extension)
V-101 Velvet Anima long E string (for C extension)
V-102 Velvet Blue long E string (for C extension)

With Velvet bass strings now out of production, what are some good, viable options?   We go for warmth, lower tension and sustain.

Our first most obvious choice here has to be the Evah Pirazzi strings, combined with either the (Oliv)Olive D & G, or just the Olive G.  Here we make up some nice sets and offer significant discounts priced together.  We offer the Evahs in both their orchestra 'thick' gauge, as well as the lighter gauge ("weich"). 

What's the difference? 
When Evah Pirazzis first came out, they were noticeably thicker than the typical metal strings (these again are synthetic).  This is interesting because Velvets were also of similar diameter. The regular orchestra gauge (thicker) strings will offer a little more presense (power) and sustain.  While the Weichs, are more manageable and with slightly lower tension, might give that 'looser' feel which made the Velvets so famous.  The Oliv strings (yes they cost more!) are gut core with silver wrapping.  Any string with a gut core is going to have the loose, warm and lower tension feel, because they are!  So here we package a set with the Evah Pirazzi E/A, with Olive D/G.  You can choose any tension you want (either Orchestra or Weich) and again, only one choice for the Olives.  Secondly, another popular set combination is Evah Pirazzi E,A,D with just the Olive G.  Saves money and the trade off is quite nice. (Make sure your nut groove for the Olive strings are well lubricated, but grinding a pencil tip in it before you first install them so that the string will glide through easily.)  A huge improvement here over the old Vevets:  The Evahs and the Olives are actually made for bowing, not just plucking. We can always do other combined sets for Jazz players, but again, we really try here to stay as close to the old Velvet strings as possible.  So again, this is our #1 set for that reason alone.

Evah-Pirazzi-upright-bass-strings Evah Pirazzi and Oliv Combined Sets Price
EO-100 Evah Pirazzi E/A with Oliv D/G
E string gauge:
A string gauge:
EO-101 Evah Pirazzi E,A,D with Oliv G
E string gauge:
A string gauge:
D string gauge:

Have a question about upright bass strings?  Call us at 480-785-5491