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Dörfler Pernambuco Upright Bass Bows

We offer 3 levels of Dorfler upright bass bows:  Brazilwood, these 'Select' pernambuco bows and the Egidius Dorfler level.  We carry Dörfler Brazilwood bass bows for those that want 'old country' German made bows, yet still affordable.  The Egidius Dorfler bows, are their 4 star, award winning Masterbows.  Here we offer a good quality, pernambuco bass bow, (their 'Select') sticks which they catalog as their #18 level bass bows.  This is the level just before the 4-star ones. 

What's the difference?  Their select #18 pernambuco is a very nice 'choice' level of wood and workmanship.  In the these 'select' bows, they are more 'shop' quality bows in that it is not just one person making the bow fittings, choosing the materials and putting it all together.  This doesn't mean that they don't play! The 'Select' pernambuco bows 'work' incredibly well and are a good choice for someone on a budget, but still needs or wants a good, professional level bass bow.  These bows use dense pernambuco blanks and some (as photographed) have some nice wood grain to show off as well!

Can we tell the difference in the way their 4 star Egidius and the Select (#18) bows play? While it depends on the playing level of the player at the time, many cannot, but in general, the Egidius level will win almost every time.  Both classes of bows would be considered a good, professional bow.  The Egidius level bows are by far the most stunning pernambuco and workmanship that you will find on bows much more in price (like double, $4,000!) For only $850 dollars though, you get a hellofa nice bow!  Yes, there might be a subtle difference in bows, but the crazy thing about bows, materials and prices, is that even though one might be twice as much money, it will not out perform 'twice' as well!  Thousands of dollars might be paid for just a negligible difference in playability. 

It comes down to money and attitude!  For the player that absolutely dedicates his life and livelihood to playing a bass for a living, we are always looking for the absolute best way to deliver the sound from our bass.  If the bass is good, then we evaluate the connection from the bow.  A great bow can liberate a hard working, conscientious player. Once you experience the 'magic' of improving your playing simply by using a new bow....it's a no brainer!

All of our Dörfler 'Select' #18 level bows are still made with our own (String Emporium) specifications for fine, French masterbows.  The bows are octagonal, and still use the same exact measurements that we employ into all of our masterbows here: the French Select Dörflers are 26 9/16"long from tip to end of shaft (not including metal adjuster).  The tip is not narrow, but wider like a proper Sartory model French bass bow.  This tends to give a 'beefier' depth to the overall sound without losing anything on the way the bow handles.

'Select' #18 Pernambuco French bass bows, $850


Dörfler 'Select' #18, German Pernambuco upright bass bows, $850:

The German model is still HR Pfretschner: This is by far the best German bow model in balance, weight and projection.  Length from tip to end of bow shaft, not including the black ebony adjuster: 27 1/16"

Dörfler Bass Bows  

Prices include free Priority Mail shipping in USA


Dörfler #18, pernambuco French bow

Dörfler, #18 pernambuco German bow


For our international customers, not delivering in the USA, please select your bow here:

Dörfler Bass Bows

International customers outside of USA, we ship everywhere.  You can simply select your item and the shopping cart will say how much shipping is for your destination.

Dörfler #18, pernambuco French bow
Dörfler, #18 pernambuco German bow


We offer THREE special packaged deals when buying a new bow from us!  You can select a combination of bow case and rosin, a Kolstein bow quiver and rosin or a combination of all three, quiver, bow case and rosin. 

Read about our special bow accessory packages here.
 Bow Packaged Deal Price
1. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case and Rosin $65.00
Bow Case Model :
Rosin :
2. String Emporium Bow Quiver and Rosin $45.00
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :
3. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case, S.E.Quiver and Rosin (saves $54) $90.00
Bow Case Model :
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :