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Tuners & Metronomes by Korg and Boss

When it comes to the best quality tuners and metronomes, those still made by either Korg or Boss, are clearly the best quality and best buy for your money. You may compare and find some off brand at $10 or $15 cheaper in price, but we've found that they just don't hold up nearly as long as these two, time proven brands. We offer the most useful and practical gadgets for the player here. Most like the metronome combination tuners (that play tones as well as function as a metronome all in one box.)

Electronic metronomes/tuners are like buying tools: Get a good one and then keep it for years of use.

Boss' Dr. Beat DB90

This Dr. Beat does everything!  First of all, gives chromatic tones in several octaves which you can play along with (as drone for whatever key you're playing in.)  The metronome is the 'must have one' type that can give accents or louder beats wherever you like plus hundreds of different combinations.  Read more here about the Dr. Beat: (owner's personal comments.)  For a metronome, yes, it's top dollar, but you will keep it forever and it is by far, the most versatile, time proven winner.  If you are a working bass player (or plan to be) and spending a lot of time in the "woodshed", the Dr. Beat (90) is your go to metronome for everything and to permanently keep on your practice stand. Gives nice and loud rhythms and pitches, so matter how loud you play, you will always be able to play with the drones and hear.  The big, orange dial is a great idea and makes the whole metronome super easy to use every day.

KORG AW-2 Clip On Micro Tuner
plus shipping

One of my favorite little tuners that easily fits into the palm of your hand.  You can clip it on the tip of the bridge and check your tuning in just a few seconds. (I like to use this one just before the orchestra tunes together.)  Gives you more confidence that you are perfectly in tune and without feeling too hurried at tuning time without having to ask to tune. Goes into your front pocket. The tuner works even when everyone else is blasting away on stage.  Again, clip it on your bridge and quickly tune.


Boss TU-80
plus shipping

Another good tuner/metronome and for the money! Has LCD tuner with built-in metronome, chromatic tuning, tome function sounds a tone when pitch is correct, plays pitch tones and metronome has 7 rhythms.  Nice Boss LCD screen as well.


plus shipping

A BOSS metronome that also gives pitches. We like this DB-60. It's a cheaper version of the DB-90, so if you want the 90 and can't afford it now, get this one.  It is about 1/3 the size of the DB-90 (measuring 5" long, 3.5" wide and only 3/4" thick.  It has memory rhythms that you used or have written  and can be replayed and stored.  While it will give pitches, does not tell you if you are in tune or not. (Have to use your ears!) Also comes with a nice drawstring pouch.

Boss DB-30
plus shipping

If you want a nice (little) metronome that also gives pitches to keep in your bass cover pocket, this is the one!  It is only 3 1/2" high, 2 3/8" wide and about 1/2" thick!  It's cute and has a nice little clip in the back that can clip on you or your music stand and it's only $38!